Mae Sot Temples, Thailand

Mae Sot in Tak Province is situated on the Burmese border opposite Myawaddy, where there are several interesting Buddhist temples within walking distance of the Immigration checkpoint.

The Myawaddy temples to visit are the Golden pagoda, on the main road, the Crocodile Temple (Wat Don Jarakhe) and a temple with a large stading Buddha.

Mae Sot temples: Wat Manee Praison wihan

Wat Manee Praison chedi and wihan.

Mae Sot temples: Wat Chumpon Khiri chedi

Wat Chumpon Khiri chedi.

Mae Sot temples: Wat Manee Praison Buddha

Wat Manee Praison Buddha image.

Myawaddy temples: Standing Buddha

Standing Buddha in Myawaddy.